Landsvirkjun signs an agreement with Opus Futura

Landsvirkjun has signed an agreement to become one of Opus Futura´s pilot users.

Landsvirkjun sees a great opportunity in having access to a solution that helps with eliminating bias from talent sourcing and recruiting.

“We at Landsvirkjun are delighted to get access to a new solution that brings a fresh approach and a new way of thinking when it comes to talent sourcing and recruiting.
I think workplaces must reach a wider group of talent than only those who are actively looking for jobs. I also think it is valuable for those who are actively looking for jobs to have the opportunity to be discovered for a wider range of opportunities and view them from a different perspective.
With the Opus Futura solution, we can reduce the bias that tends to interfere with evaluating applicants and talent, thus giving us a much more diverse group of talent and opportunities, which will benefit everyone.”
– Harpa Vidisdottir, Managing Director of Human Resources at Landsvirkjun (Iceland´s largest electricity generator and one of the largest producers of renewable energy in Europe).

Opus Futura welcomes Landsvirkjun to the group of those who look to the future when it comes to talent sourcing and making sure workplaces have the best talent.