Large companies have already signed up

As a startup company, feeling support and interest from established organizations is crucial. We are thrilled to announce that four prominent companies have decided to use our innovative web solution. These forward-thinking partners include:

  • Icelandair which recognizes the value of Opus Futura’s platform. By joining forces, they aim to revolutionize talent sourcing and recruiting.
  • Arion Bank which shares our vision. They believe in the power of Opus Futura to create a more diverse and inclusive workforce.
  • Landsvirkjun, Iceland’s largest electricity generator, sees the value in our solution for eliminating bias and ensuring workplaces have access to the best talent.
  • Origo which will utilize the Opus Futura platform to expand their recruitment options and is committed to attracting and valuing outstanding employees regardless of gender, age, or background.”
Collaborative Development

Our collaboration with these companies extends beyond the contractual agreements. Throughout the development process, we’ve received invaluable insights, ideas, and feedback. In particular, a recent workshop with Icelandair significantly influenced our approach. Their expertise has propelled us forward, ensuring Opus Futura meets the highest standards.

Looking Ahead

As we prepare for our summer launch, Icelandair, Arion Bank, Landsvirkjun and Origo will integrate their job vacancies into our platform. Together, we’re shaping the future of talent acquisition, fostering diversity, and creating opportunities for all.

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Here you can read the comments from the collaborators in their entirety, but they certainly give us a boost under both wings:

  • “Icelandair’s work requires extensive knowledge from a number of different industries, and we always strive to use the best available technology to gain access to experts and managers who can contribute to the company’s development. Opus Futura is developing a solution that supports modern working practices and matches the interests of job seekers and companies based on well-defined criteria and personal characteristics. It will be an honor to participate in the development of the product and to use it in shaping our recruitment methodology.” Kristján Pétur Sæmundsson, Icelandair’s Talent manager.
  • “Opus Futura has revolutionized how to connect with potential candidates. For Arion Bank as a recruiter, it is a game-changer to have access to a platform where individuals are open to exciting opportunities, even if not actively job hunting. With Opus Futura, we can review CVs of qualified candidates without any personal information bias, ensuring a fair and objective selection process. It’s an invaluable resource that will streamline our recruitment efforts and hopefully bring top-tier talents to the forefront,” Helga Halldórsdóttir, Head of Human Resources at Arion bank.
  • “We at Landsvirkjun are delighted to get access to a new solution that brings a fresh approach and a new way of thinking when it comes to talent sourcing and recruiting. I think workplaces must reach a wider group of talent than only those who are actively looking for jobs. I also think it is valuable for those who are actively looking for jobs to have the opportunity to be discovered for a wider range of opportunities and view them from a different perspective. With the Opus Futura solution, we can reduce the bias that tends to interfere with evaluating applicants and talent, thus giving us a much more diverse group of talent and opportunities, which will benefit everyone,” Harpa Víðisdóttir, Managing Director of Human Resources at Landsvirkjun.
  • “With Opus Futura, we as an employer have the opportunity to invite individuals for job discussions based on how well we meet their expectations and requirements, not just how they meet ours. Opus Futura ensures that individuals remain anonymous throughout the process and that everyone matched with us can make an informed decision about engaging in a conversation without having to share personally identifiable information. This allows us to get to know a wide range of talented people who might not otherwise apply for advertised positions, but who could be the future workforce that Origo’s success is built upon,” says Dröfn Guðmundsdóttir, Managing Director of Human Resources at Origo.